Discovering my inner farm girl

Thursday, February 13, 2014

One Night with the Chickens

Last night while everyone was getting pajamas on and heading off to bed, I went to tuck in the chickens and check for eggs.  The handle on our coop door is broken and when you turn the handle nothing happens, but it's hard to get it to latch so I have been ignoring it.  I gently pulled the door behind me, but between prying it open and changes in weather it must have loosened up, because the door shut behind me.  I tried the broken handle until it fell off, I tried kicking the door (ouch), I made tons of noise and screamed for help.........nothing worked!  I stood at the door looking out the Plexiglass window and pictured myself busting through it with a cinder block.  I imagined all the lights in my house going out and being stuck in there all night.  Would the chickens peck my eyes out as I slept in the mixture of straw and poop?  Could I fit through the small chicken door covered in droppings?  Is that mouse still in here?!? I turned around and saw the chickens surrounding me and I was sure they were just waiting to attack. If they are willing to eat their own, they would definitely do the same to me. Attack of the Killer Chickens! At that point I started to get a little panicked and I shined the flashlight through the small chicken door in hopes someone would walk by and see it.  Finally, my hero, Seth, opened the sliding glass door and I screamed, "I'm stuck, go get dad!".  I watched the kids run back and forth in the house trying to find my husband who was out in the garage.  I screamed some more, because I don't think they really understood the danger I was in, stuck in there with cannibal chickens waiting to pounce.  I looked out and saw a tall, dark figure moving towards me, my man, coming to rescue me from demon chickens (or at least toxic fumes).  I got out of there with no injuries, except my back ache from kicking the door.  I did, however, have some foul smelling poo on me from getting down on my hands and knees to yell for my life.  The moral of the story is, don't ignore broken door handles and never go anywhere without your cellphone.  Pictured below are the evil chickens.  Vicious, foul beasts. (Not really, I love my chickens!) 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Putting in my order

Yesterday I went to our local farm store and ordered our girls.  5 Black Australorps and 5 Light Brahmas.  They will be in on March 20th, so I need to get ready for them.  They will live in the garage under a heat lamp for awhile before they can be put outside.  Scott and I have decided to take the old, unused shed from the side of the house and convert it into the coop. Hopefully it doesn't fall apart when we move it.  I will post pics as we work on it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I get to have chickens!!!! I am so excited!!!!!  Yahoo!!!
Fresh eggs here we come.
I am trying to think of some good names.  Eggbert?  Egghead? Henrietta?  Gertrude?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What kind?

I think I have decided what kind of chickens I want, if we can have them.  I will get Black Australorps and Buff Brahmas.  They both have positive feedback from other chicken enthusiasts.   The Black Australorps are said to be friendly, prolific layers, heat and cold tolerant, and some say they are the best if you will have your kids helping you care for them.  The Brahmas are also said to be friendly and tolerant to cold and heat.  They are average egg layers and soft, feather footed chickens.  They both lay brown eggs.  I initially wanted a variety of colors in my egg basket, but more than that I want friendly, easy going chickens that we will love.  That is all I have to scratch out for now.  Love y'all.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In the beginning

Scott and I decided that since we have 2.5 acres we should have some chickens and a little garden.  I called the city we live in to see if we are able to even have chickens and they informed me that we can't, but at the next council meeting they are going to try to get it changed.  If they do, we will be allowed 6 hens.  That's perfect for us!  While I am waiting I will try and get all the info I can on what chickens, coops and etc. are best.    Luckily, I have a momma and a close friend that have chickens and have been successful with them.    Here are two of the coops I would like to build.  I will also have to get some really cute garden boots!